My blog primarily serves as a forum to share notes and resources tied to my research on person-environment fit, vocational interests, job attitudes, job performance, and research methods.

I use R, Mplus, SAS, and SPSS for analysis and occasionally write about work in these platforms as well as LaTeX, LimeSurvey, Qualtrics, and Zotero.

I do recording and mixing in a home studio environment and sometimes write on audio topics as well.  I use Apple Logic Pro X with Waves and Addictive Keys plug-ins.

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  1. I was wondering if you have used MTurk for followup surveys more recently. If so, has anything changed since your wrote your post back on JANUARY 5, 2015.

    • Justin says:

      Hi Sarah,
      The main change is that TurkPrime has replaced the need (from my perspective) to use MTurkR. TurkPrime can save time and money (using the HyperBatch feature) and easily allows for qualifying and mass emailing workers for follow-up surveys.

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