Vertical Editing (in TexStudio)


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3 Responses

  1. Do you know if it’s possible to reassign these shortcuts?

  2. Justin says:


    In Windows you can change the first two shortcuts (creating additional cursors above/below the present line and creating a column of cursors, or new cursors at arbitrary places) by going to Options > Configure TeXstudio > Shortcuts > Expand “Editor” > Expand “Basic Key Mapping” > Select {Create cursor mirror up, Create cursor mirror down}. I believe the final two shortcuts require Shift, but they may be linked to other shortcuts that you could change.

    This procedure should be the same on Mac, but just start with “Preferences.”

  3. Distracted Duck says:

    I don’t know why TeXstudio is not popular, so far it has made all but one of the task I expect from a Tex editor: select text from the pdf.

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